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The mission of FCC discipleship ministry is to be an ever present help for believers as they grow in Christ and carry out their individual calling. As a family of believers, we at FCC want to help each family member grow into who God made them to be. First of all, we want to help believers continue to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ so they can be better equipped to share the Gospel.

Secondly, we want everyone to be surrounded with a group of believers that share and pray for one another through each season of life because we were never meant to go through this life alone. Lastly, we want believers to be plugged in and involved in the groups and ministries FCC has established in order to better serve our community.

Sunday School, Life Groups & Special Classes

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EST. 1824

Young people aged 18-24!

We will be gathering together to study God’s word and to connect with others in this similar stage of life. Our goal with this group is to help one another to become more deeply established in our faith, so accordingly we’ve decided to call this group Established 1824!

It can be quite a challenge navigating faith in early adulthood, especially in the context of a world that is overloading us with conflicting messages and ever-increasing temptations. In Est. 1824 we’re hoping to dive deeper into God’s word and let it better guide us through this crazy life and provide for us the solid foundation we need.

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