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A Story of Supposition

Joseph had a simple, powerful faith. Yet, Joseph’s main problem was that he was full of trust. He trusted God with all his heart, as we will see later, which is amazing; but, he also trusted his brothers far too much.

He surely believed that in sharing his dream with them they would be happy for him. While that might be a supposition, so is it to read into the story that Joseph was only sharing his dreams to be a brat and rub it in the faces of his brothers.

Did the thought ever cross his mind that they would be jealous, full of hate, and ill will? Well, I would counter that question with, does it matter?

“Enoch shows the walk of faith, Noah shows the perseverance of faith, Abraham shows the obedience of faith, Isaac shows the power of faith, and Jacob shows the discipline of faith. Along these lines we could say that Joseph shows the triumph of faith. Joseph never complained and he never compromised.” –David Guzik

The fact is, Joseph was favored. But everything he dreamed of would come true. His heart was well-intentioned and set on God. He loved God, and we know that those who truly love Him will experience God’s mighty power turning tragedy into triumph.

A lesson from me - for me - this morning is focused on what does this story in scripture actually say instead of focusing on what I might "read into it?"

Building on that lesson, what has the story of my life said up to now? What is the story of my life saying in the now? How am I positioning myself in Christ moving forward and how will my story speak in the future?

It's easy, and maybe somewhat therapeutic at times, for us to fill our minds with the suppositions of possibilities even in our own stories.

Today, let's make sure that our primary focus is on what God IS saying in our story instead of what we SUPPOSE He might be.

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