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Focusing on the Forest or Too Many Trees?

In the routine of day-to-day life, we can often miss the forest for the trees. We have highs, lows, crossroads, and dead ends. We often struggle to find a way to put the entire picture together within each life event.

However, as those who love and worship God, we are invited to believe that He is at work, weaving an overall plan together for our good. The life of Joseph puts exactly this on full display for us.

In Genesis 37 we see the beginning of Joseph's story where he experiences great highs, receiving favor from his father and hope from God through the giving of dreams.

Yet within a few verses we see Joseph's skyrocketing ascent in life quickly plummet and his life begins a downward trajectory. He faces jealousy and strife with his brothers, which culminates in being stripped of his possessions, status, and family, and sold as a slave, left and utterly abandoned.

I am often left wondering what I have missed (or at least been delayed) in my life because I have allowed the trees that I encounter to take my focus off the bigger picture of God's providential purpose.

Our main study takeaway for the life of Joseph is realizing that God knows the totality of the story; we do not.

As this takeaway continues to settle into the heart of this preacher, I am finding and ever-increasing urgency to not allow the "trees of my daily life" to pull my gaze away from the creator of the forest.

Where do you find your focus as you read this? Is it resting firmly upon Him as you allow Him to guide you? Or, are you simply watching for the next tree in your path worried that it might be the one that you cannot navigate around?

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