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John 5 Part 2: An Undeniable Claim

My Father has been working until now, and I have been working.

John 5:17

John's purpose of writing his gospel is found in the end of the book. "these things are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name." (John 20:31) So as we read through the gospel of John it is good to clarify everything that He is writing with this passage. The teaching of the deity of Christ is fundamental to the life of a believer. And this is so important in today's passage. The claims that Jesus makes either make Him the Son of God, a liar, or a lunatic.

In today's passage, Jesus just healed a man with an incurable condition with a Word of Power! Instead of being amazed and happy that such a miracle had taken place, the religious leaders got mad that Jesus did this on the Sabbath. Jesus confronted them and plainly told them three things that support Who He was and What He did.

  1. Jesus told them that He and His Father had been working together! He was telling them that the Sabbath was His day because He and His Father had never stopped working. The religious leaders knew exactly what He was saying. They wanted to kill him

  2. Jesus told them He was doing exactly what God the Father was doing. That everything that He was doing was something that He was doing with the Father. He had been watching the Father from all eternity.

  3. Jesus told them that He had the same power as the God the Father to give people eternal life and to raise those who are dead. He had just healed an incurable condition. He demonstrated the power of God.

Irrefutable evidence of a undeniable claim. He wasn't a lunatic or a liar because lunatics and liars don't cure incurable conditions. Therefore He must be Lord of All.

The difference this makes in our lives is essential. Everything He said is backed up by everything He was. We have a deep an abiding confidence in an unshakable Lord who is and who was and always will be the same yesterday today and forever. This is the One who loves us and gave Himself for us and the One who will save us to the uttermost. "Tis so to trust in Jesus ... O for grace to trust Him more."

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