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Light and Life: Our Solution

Updated: Jan 16

"In Him was life, and the life was the light of men." John 1:4

Most of us have stumbled around in darkness and hurt ourselves a time or two--stubbed toes, shins and knees--ouch! But far worse has been how we have been hurt and lost as we have all stumbled around and walked in the darkness of our lives. In fact, some of us have hit rock bottom.

We have tried many things to "light up" our lives. Some were good things and some were not so good. Our dilemma is that we have searched for the solution while not understanding the problem. We attempt to fill ourselves up with things that we hope will satisfy, but they never do.

The writer of the gospel of John presents the solution. It is in the One who created all things. We must first understand that we have fallen short and that all our attempts to save and satisfy ourselves have only led us further into darkness. It is then that we can clearly see our need of Him who created All Things. Who established the heavens and the earth and our very being. It is only in this One that we will find Life for He is the creator of Life.

It is only in Him that we will find our Solution for He knows all things. it is only in Him that we will find our Way in the darkness for He is the Light. When we finally come to Him and submit our lives and wills to Him who the Reason for Everything, we will gain that which we were searching for all our lives. He is Our Solution.

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