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Proving Providential

One of the most recognizable elements of our faith is being able to look back and see where God has been faithful, just, & providential in our lives after we have gone through a challenging time.

On the flip-side of that coin, one of the most challenging elements of our faith is being able to see His faithfulness, justice & providence in our lives as we are going through a challenging time.

As we enter into our next study over these next few months on the life of Joseph, we will easily recognize and map out exactly how God was with him each and every step of the way; but, I feel like the more pertinent question is whether Joseph was able to see God with him as he was walking this challenging path?

One phrase you will hear often in this study is "seeing the totality of the story." We often do not. We often can not. We are limited in what we can see in the now, much less our amount of foresight. But, blessed be our Lord and Savior that He has no such limits.

Even before our story begins, even in the midst of our story being written, and even before the next paragraph starts; we have a Savior that sees the totality of our story from beginning to end.

"You have meant it as evil against me, BUT GOD meant it for good....." Gen 50:20a

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