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The Human Dilemma: Broken People

Updated: Jan 16

But Jesus did not commit Himself to them ... for He knew what was in man.

John 2:24-25

Most people think that they are good. The sad reality is what God says about us. "All the thoughts of their hearts are continually evil."(Genesis 6:5) "There is none who does good." (Romans 3:10-12) We are called "enemies of God" (Romans 5:10) and told that "Our hearts are deceitful above all things and desperately wicked." (Jeremiah 17:11)

Jesus knew what was up. He had a big argument with the religious leaders of his day. They were upset because He had pointed out their brokenness--they were thieves. Then he went out and preformed some more miracles and people started following him and believing in him. But the Bible says that he didn't commit himself to them because He knew about them--that they were Broken. We can learn a lot from that.

We often get hurt because we rely on people instead of God. We put people on pedestals and then get disappointed when they fail us. Or we expect people to be perfect and when the veneer of their perfection falls away we are surprised and disappointed. People will always let us down. We are going to fail each other. We are going to blow it! We are going to offend each other. Even our best intentions can get messed up! Why? Because we are broken. When we realize that each of us is broken, we will learn to commit ourselves and others to Him who was never broken--Jesus. And the wonderful news is that He came to heal the brokenhearted! He came to save and heal broken people!

If we would just see the world as a hospital filled with sick people then we wouldn't be surprised when someone "throws up". We won't be offended when someone makes a mess because we aren't the Doctor! Those who are well have no need of a physician! We are just fellow patients in need of Jesus' healing! That doesn't mean that we should be satisfied with being sick. We are looking to be well. It just means that we understand the human dilemma and can have mercy and compassion on those who are broken because we are one of those broken people too.

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Love this. I think it’s so important for us to realize our brokenness, our sinfulness, and not “think of ourselves more highly than we ought.” I pray every day God reveals areas of sin in my life to me. A contrite heart Thou won’t despise.

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