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The Key of Humility

Are you a teacher of Israel, and do not know these things?.

John 3:10, 11

Pride is at the root of all our brokenness. Pride is the inward voice of insanity that leads us away from a relationship to God and others. When we walk in pride we cannot "hear "the voice of reason. We cannot "see" the choices that are in the truth, and we cannot "walk" in the path of the righteous. The very first temptation that man faced and failed was due to pride. Satan tempted, "You will be like God." And we went for it. So throughout the Bible has been the call of God to abandon our pride and humbly receive His mercy and grace.

Today's passage is an example of how far we can fall when we walk in pride. The religious leaders of Jesus' time were well-learned men. At one time they were a great. They were devoted to their ideals and their teachings. They were zealous for what they thought was right. Those were good things. But when their eyes shifted from God to themselves and their accomplishments they began to go astray, and in the end they became enemies of Jesus. Nicodemus was caught up in that brokenness, yet he was a man seeking the truth. And when he came, Jesus confronted him about who he was and what he believed.

It is the same way with us. We are a broken people. We don't need to look at the news to know that we are broken. We only have to look inward to see our failures and flaws. Pride will deny and blame others. The Bible says, "God resist the proud, but give grace to the humble." (James 4:6) Humility is the key that opens the door for everything that God has for us. Humility opens the door for healing, for recovery, for forgiveness, for knowledge and wisdom. Humility is the key to having relationships. When we walk humbly with God and others, we will find ourselves filled with strength, joy and peace. We will find ourselves right where God wants us to be because we will be dependent on His leading and guidance for our lives.

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