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The Person of the Vine

As I continued to study through a very plant-centric imagery in John 15, what stood out to me was not the plants themselves but the "who" that is responsible for their health and beauty, and what that beauty is actually for.

In John 15:1, Jesus said, “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.” 

We are the branches.

We aren’t necessary.

Don't get me wrong, branches can be fruitful. You and I are so precious in the sight of the Lord that He deemed it worth-it to lay His life down for us; but branches can also be pruned.

A single branch can wilt or thrive. The vine is the center of attention and the gardener is in charge. The branch’s only hope is to remain connected to the vine in the gardener’s care.

But even after years of walking with the Lord––of learning that I am only healthy, alive, satisfied, and fulfilled when I’m a branch connected to the Vine (Jesus), being nurtured by the Gardener (the Father)—I still so often long for attention from other places, which leads to sin and pride and pain and heartache.

It’s only when we are connected to the Vine that we’re able to do what we were created to do, and that is to direct attention to the goodness of the Gardner, rather than try to get people to look at me!

I still struggle with this. I still do things to try to make myself look impressive as if I’m a rogue branch that thinks it can water and nourish itself.

The fruit that may come from our lives is not from us or for us. It is completely from God and designed to reflect His glory.

Lord, we pray that our love would keep on growing, and that our lives would be filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ to the glory and praise of the Father.

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27 de jun.

I'm a rogue branch alot of times too. Great analogy.

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