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True Satisfaction

Jesus answered and said to her, " Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life. "

John 4:13-14

We always want more. All this world has for us is never enough. Some have worked all their lies and become rich beyond compare only to tell others at the end that it wasn't worth it. Others have become some of the most famous people in the world only to find that they regret what they've lost by so doing. The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life will never be satisfied.

In today's passage Jesus speaks to this very issue if brokenness in our lives. Jesus met a woman by a well. She had lots of problems. She wasn't even accepted among her own people because her desire for satisfaction had led her to go against what was socially acceptable. She was out at the hottest time of the day drawing water from the well because she couldn't go with the other women. She was lost and hurting because she was broken. And her search for satisfaction, she had been married five times and was currently living with another guy.

Jesus used the very well that she came to draw from to help her see the solution to her brokenness. Always coming back for water over and over and over again doesn't satisfy our thirst. We're always going to want to quench or thirst. And Jesus was pointing out that we are never satisfied trying to fulfill ourselves. Jesus also points to the solution. He doesn't point to a program or how to change your life in seven easy steps. As always, He points to himself. Jesus is the answer. She believes, and when she leaves, she runs into the town and tells everyone about Jesus.

We can easily identify with the woman at the well. We've spent our lives looking for something that will fill up the hole in our hearts. We have all sought out many things to satisfy and fill our hearts. Others if us have even win against the "normal" of society in our attempts to be fulfilled. But none of them were the solution. We have a broken heart that is leaking and can only be fixed by Jesus. When we finally admit that we are broken and come to believe that he is the only one who can truly fix our dilemma, then we come to the place of satisfaction. His love is the answer. His death and resurrection on the cross is our solution that brings us back into relationship with God. The hole on our heart is mended with the love of God and we finally find ourselves with True Satisfaction.

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