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True Vision

Do you not say, "There are still four months and then comes to harvest"? Behold, I see to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for the harvest!

John 4:35

Everyone in life has their own worldview. The way that we see things forms the root of our very being and is the cause of how we think and act.

Those of us who have received Christ as Lord have undergone a shift in our worldview. We see things from a different perspective.  We attempt to view things from what God says in his word. The Bible is the word of God and the absolute authority in our lives. Sometimes this perspective shift is not easy. We often become disoriented from God's view on things. That is why reading the Bible is so important. When we read God's word, we can realign our vision with His vision.

When Jesus was on the earth, he was continually shifting the perspective his disciples. In today's passage Jesus used what was happening with the woman at the well and the town in Samaria to help us disciples understand that they needed to see what was truly important: helping and saving broken people. He taught them using harvest fields. That were about four months until the workers would go and reap the harvest. Jesus used that example to give them a glimpse behind the scenes to the way that He saw things. He was looking at the broken people in that little town of Sumeria and seeing how people were ready for the kingdom of God. He was excited about what God was doing and He was trying to get his disciples excited too!

God is doing the same thing for us. He wants to change our perspective. God has a wonderful plan for our lives. He has a future and hope for us. But it's not just about us. He longs for us to see the world and the people in it from his perspective. He wants us to be watching and waiting for His through His Holy Spirit so that can get involved in what He's doing: helping and saving broken people!

It's so amazing because this is exactly what God has already done for us! He saw that we were broken and hurting and then He stepped into our lives. And he used other people to get into our lives so that we might see the wonder and grace of the gift of his son Jesus Christ.. We were the fields that were right for harvest and he sent somebody into our lives! That's so awesome!

 Now he has changed our worldview so that we might see that living for him is what life is all about. And he wants to use us so that we can help others see it too. It's like the old song says, "I once was blind but now I see". We were those blind people who have received sight and now we are leading people to him who can help them have True Vision.

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