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Life Group Questions

Questions designed for you to look deeper into the scripture we are focusing on each week. Whether it be in your life group, or your personal devotional time, these will have you examining key scriptures each week.

Where did Jesus’s brothers want him to go and why?


What were His three specific reasons for not going?


When Jesus was not found at the feast, what was the response of the crowd? Is there the same response today from those who do not believe?


When did Jesus make his way to the feast, and for what purpose?


What was the response to the teaching of Jesus? And his response back to them?


Discuss the distinction Christ makes between his work and the work of Moses.


Discuss the confusion of the people and their interaction with Christ in verses 25 - 30.


How does Christ confuse the Jews in verses 32 - 36? Is this the same confusion the disciples had?


Is the promise the same in verses 37 - 39 that Christ has made before? Is it always the same to this day?


  1. Discuss the confusion and division of the people in verses 40 - 53. Do those same arguments happen to this day?

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