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The BEST way to overcome temptation...

This sunday evening we are going to be studying Matthew 4:1-11 - Jesus tempted in the wilderness


Our last lesson was about the line WWJD, and changed it to WDJD (What DID Jesus do?). its always better for us to go to the source and find out how Jesus dealt with certain situations before coming to conclusions on how WE think it Should be done. One of the best examples of this is how Jesus dealt with temptation.

Jesus did 1 main thing to tackle temptation. Scripture. He brought scripture straight to the front of his thoughts to solidify where he stood and what he believed. He also just knew it... he didnt have to go looking, didnt have to google it or use a concordance. He knew the scriptures and had them ready for when temptation came knocking. We must do the same! Learn scripture, learn what it means and how to implement it in our lives.

If Jesus did it, we should follow and do the same.

List of Upcoming Events


July 28th: End of Summer Bash!

August 4th: Church Picnic at Carter Caves

August 11th: Evangelism Focus

August 14th: Lake day   ->


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End of Summer Bash!

JULY 28th!

Hosted at Matt and Brooke Holleys home.

Summer is almost over, and regular programming will resume August 18th! 

For more information contact the church and ask for Thomas



Throughout the months of August and September we are going to be doing. deep dive through Pauls letter to Titus. Its only 3 chapters long, but its dense! There is a lot to unpack, so we will be taking about 7 Sunday evenings to work through it.

Parents please go ahead and read through the book of Titus, familiarize yourself with the message paul is getting across to his pupil. and check in here at the end of July for Parent resources and directives for the month of August looking at Titus 1.

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