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The Pressure of Perfect

If we are being honest, we have all felt it. You know, that unspoken weight that seems to press in & down upon us, hardly ever spoken, but always ever present; the expectation of perfection.

This time of year only seems to amplify this pressure. Having the pressure to have everything decorated perfectly. Purchase just the perfect gifts for everyone you can think of (and the perfect last-minute gifts for those you didn't think of). Hosting that perfect family gathering where everyone is merry & bright (because, of course, none of our families resemble the Griswold's). All the way down to having the perfect ugly Christmas sweater that will top last year's sweater at your goofy work party.

The pressure to be perfect, and have it all together is all around. I mean, that's what it's supposed to be right???

Perfect. Flawless. Bright. Shiny. Happy... that is, until it's not.

If you have ever wondered how societal pressures can distort realities, you need look no further than the Advent season. The time of year in which we "fix on eyes" on the perfect Savior who was born in imperfect conditions in an imperfect world to live a perfect life among imperfect people whose eternal existence hung upon this "seed of the woman" (see Genesis 3), by stressing over everything being perfect. 🤷🏼‍♂️

You see, it's in our imperfections where Jesus is shown the most glorious. In those times, where we make a mess of things. In the areas of our lives which seem to be utterly falling apart. In our families, jobs, relationships, etc., that continually causes us anxiety and stress; that is where the perfection of our savior intercedes with our imperfection, and shows forth the glory of our Christ!

So today, tomorrow, and the days long after  this holiday season are over, when you are convinced that everything weighs in the balance of all being "perfect", remember that our source of perfection was brought to life in some of the most imperfect conditions that you could ever imagine, and he is still able to do that in your life.

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