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The Gospel according to


In 2024 we are going through the Gospel of John.

When the Apostle John sat down to write his account of the Gospel, he was not interested simply in adding one more account of Jesus' life to the three already in existence. John wrote his book with a very specific purpose in mind: Jesus Christ is God!

John Overview

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The Gospel of John emphasizes Jesus as God incarnate and the reality to which the entire biblical story points. John emphasizes this with his opening passages that states that Jesus was with God at creation and that Jesus is God. It's a bold statement, and John spends the rest of his Gospel account emphasizing Jesus' identity as God in human form.


The events described in John take place in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the surrounding occupied lands of the Greco-Roman empire during the early 1st century, between 30-40 C.E. John was likely composed between 70 and 130 C.E.

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Major Themes

  • Discerning light from darkness and life from death

  • God’s love for his people’s unity throughout the world

  • The true humanity and divinity of Jesus

  • The choice to believe into God’s power over death


John is divided into five parts. John 1 introduces Jesus. 2-12 detail seven miraculous signs. 13-17 focus on the night before Jesus’ trial. 18-20 cover his arrest, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection. And 21 concludes with the disciples’ ongoing mission.

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